Katys Boutique - Flagship UK Lingerie Store

From zero to top ten UK Lingerie retailer in three years.

  • Shopify Case Study
  • Out of the Sandbox Theme Reference Store
  • Entirely SEO Based¬†Traffic
  • Used as a Learning Store
  • Featured by ‘The Shopify Guy’ YouTube Channel

Proven SEO Strategy

Katys Boutique gets it’s traffic from SEO. That means no ads, better conversion rates and a higher profit margin with low advertising costs.

Just google a few of these terms and see for yourself. With the help of Wyred Up Katys has been able to consistently improve its search engine ranking year on year to become the leading independent Lingerie retailer in the UK.

Building Real Commercial Value

Making money in ecommerce is not just about how much money you take each day.

Wyred Ups commercial experience allows us to build up value in your store as a whole over time which can be realised as part of an exit strategy.

Katys Boutique is valued by Shopify themselves on their Exchange site at over a quarter of a million dollars.  Not bad in less than three years from zero!

Stores That Convert

Wyred Up was able to help Katys double their conversion rate. Think about that. Squeezing an extra one percent out of ads is hard but if you can take a conversion rate of 0.5% to 1% you have doubled your profit right there.

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