VMware ESXi Dedicated Server Hosting

Benefits of VMware ESXi Dedicated Server Hosting from Wyred Up:

  • Efficient use of resources reducing costs
  • Increased business IT flexibility and responsiveness
  • Options of creating many virtual machines with high amounts of RAM
  • Highly popular industry leading hypervisor technology
  • ‘Bare Metal’ installs independent of operating systems
  • 24/7/365 expert UK support from Wyred Up Managed Hosting
  • Hosted at Goonhilly Earth Station, Cornwalls premier Data Centre.

Reduced Costs and Increased Business IT Flexibility

Ideal for organisations large and small, a dedicated server with VMware ESXi enables you to create multiple virtual machines, each running your choice of operating system and applications.

VMware ESXi hosting is a popular, market-leading hypervisor. Each operating system, despite being on the same server, acts as if it were on its own self-contained computer. In other words, you can create your own VPS system and run ‘stand-alone’ versions of business-critical applications. By choosing Wyred Up Managed Hosting as your provider, you’ll have a reliable, secure solution with expert UK technical support 24/7/365.

Increased Efficiency With Full Control

Unlike most other hypervisors, VMware ESXi does not need Windows, Linux or other operating system to run (that’s why it’s sometimes referred to as a ‘bare metal’ hypervisor). The product divides the server into virtual machines, which, although they share the resource of the whole server, effectively behave independently (from the end-user’s point of view).

Performance, Power and Scalability

VMware ESXi delivers unparalleled performance and scalability, enabling virtualisation of even the most resource intensive applications. With the right CWCS Managed Hosting dedicated server specification (our experts are on-hand to offer advice on this), you can configure virtual machines with extremely high amounts of RAM. And you can create as many Virtual Machines to match the specification of your chosen dedicated server.

Creating a number of virtualised servers is a highly efficient use of resources. As well as giving your business flexibility, it also gives you full control over your environment and virtual machines. Using a dedicated server with VMware ESXi is an efficient and effective way to reduce IT costs. At the same time, it also enables your business to be highly responsive to changing internal IT requirements.

VMware Server Hosting Experts

If you’re not a VMware expert yourself, Wyred Up Managed Hosting has qualified technical staff that can set up a dedicated server for you. Our consultants will be happy to recommend server specifications to meet your requirements and are ready to help you every step of the way. As a popular and established product, there is also a massive VMware community online.

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