What is colocation?

Colocation (also known as ‘co-location’ or ‘colo’) is the practice of housing privately-owned servers and networking equipment in a third party data centre.
Instead of keeping servers in-house, in offices or at a private data centre, companies can choose to ‘co-locate’ their equipment by renting space in a colocation centre.

Therefore, unlike other kinds of hosting, where customers can rent space on a server owned by a hosting provider, with colocation the customer already owns the server and rents the required physical space to house it within a data centre.

How it works

A colocation provider will rent out space in a data centre in which customers can install their equipment, but will also provide the power, bandwidth, IP address and cooling systems that the customer will require in order to successfully deploy their server.

Futhermore, colocation providers deliver much more stringent levels of security, including security guards and even biometric access control. Resilience is another key feature, with data centres providing backups and UPS devices to protect against outages, including those caused by natural disaster, fire or flooding.

Space is rented out in terms of ‘racks’ and ‘cabinets’. A rack is a standardised frame for mounting equipment and hardware, usually horizontally.

Equipment that is to be mounted in a rack is measured in rack units (U), where one rack unit is 1.75 inches. The price for colocation plan is then calculated from the number of units required. A full size rack is 47U and is often called a ‘cabinet’. Depending on their budget and requirements, a customer can rent full, half or partial cabinets.



Colocation allows customers to benefit from economies of scale that would not be available to them with an in-house option. Housing hardware in a colocation centre gives access to higher levels of bandwidth at a low cost.


Network latency can be far lower with colocation, whilst reliability can be significantly higher. There is greater protection from power outages and 24/7 staff on hand should problems arise.


Customers may also choose colocation services due to higher levels of physical security available in comparison with in-house hosting. For example, there are options such as CCTV monitoring and lockable (or ‘closed’) cabinets.


Choosing a bespoke build allows customers to personalise their colocation plan and decide which aspects of their system they want to focus on, choosing from a range of facilities for individual infrastructures and budgets.


Colocation allows users to take advantage of data centre infrastructure while maintaining control over the upkeep, maintenance and configuration of their servers, freeing up office space and improving cost effectiveness.


By placing servers in a data centre rather than in an on-premises comms room, customers build in an extra layer of disaster recovery in the event of power loss, enabling them to recover business critical data.

Rack Spaces

Power and service connection to a floor space where a customer can install their own cabinet are provided.


We provide a lockable cabinet within the shared colocation area with power & service connection provision.

Sub-Cabinet Services

This is a lockable cabinet partitioned into a mixture of half & quarter cabinets. Serviced via independent N+1 power & cable feeds.

Private Suites

Private suites are provided on a bespoke basis to meet your individual requirements. We provide turnkey services to build the cage, supply power & service connection.

Hands and Eyes Service

Our technicians perform a range of remote activities on your behalf to optimise operational overhead whilst maintaining maximum coverage.


Additional connections within our facility, including optical & electrical private lines to our metro services, 3rd party carriers & other collocating customers.

Why Wyred Up?

Our colocation services are backed by market leading SLAs and provide a range of flexible alternatives to housing systems internally. With access to all major data centres we are well connected and are ideally placed for the delivery of IaaS and virtualised services. All of our services are fully certified and compliant.

Extensive range of facility specifications. From tier1 through to tier4 providing facilities & products suitable for all budgets.

Broad portfolio of products. From Managed Hosting to floor space & bespoke builds. All your requirement are catered for.

Large European footprint. Access to all major sites providing the commercial interface for all your colocation needs.