Lateral Thinking For a

Competitive Commercial Edge

The world you work in is constantly changing. Business demands, and what technology can do, never stands still. How do you identify what’s right for your business? What is the answer, not just for now, but for this ever-evolving future? We all face these challenges.

At OCSL, we help you find better answers through our drive to think without limitations. And our expertise and passion to deliver exceptional outcomes for our customers and their businesses.

Virtually anything’s possible when you enhance technology, innovate your business or move to a digital world. We’ll help you explore these limitless possibilities and see new perspectives. From shaping IT strategy to ongoing innovation, following implementation. We’ll immerse ourselves in your world of business, making the outcomes and returns clear.

Whatever the answer, we’ll discover and deliver what’s right for you, with you.

A fresh perspective. A better answer

First we ask questions to understand your business challenges and needs. Then we envision the art of the possible. No preconceptions. No pre-packaged solutions. Getting to the heart of the issue and then building out from there. We talk to the right people across your business – from senior decision makers through to your users and implementers of solutions or services.

Sometimes we challenge, sometimes we disrupt. But always in a positive, constructive way to help get to the right answer so you can deliver the best value to your customers. And to ensure this isn’t ‘just for the sake of it’ we follow a robust, proven engagement process.

Our team of experts are all recognised as market leaders in their field and have the highest-level of accreditations to back this up.

Want to discover a fresh perspective and get a better answer? Talk to us.

Stage 1:
  • Envisioning: exploring the art of the possible.
Stage 2:
  • Discovery: deeper dive into who you are and what you need.
Stage 3:
  • Assess, Design & Plan: getting ‘under the bonnet’.
Stage 4:
  • Build, Migrate & Transform: making the vision a reality.
Stage 5:
  • Transition & Support: ongoing maintenance and continual improvement.
Stage 6:
  • Innovation: not ‘standing still’, embracing future possibilities.

“Project investment in cloud infrastructure will grow at an average rate of 12.5% a year from 2016 through 2020. At that point, cloud computing will represent nearly half — 47.9% — of the total spent on IT infrastructure by public cloud services and private enterprise.”

Worldwide IT Industry 2016 PredictionsLeading Digital Transformation to Scale, IDC FutureScape