Expert advice on Shopify Stores, Apps and E-Commerce

App Experience

  • Owners of multiple Shopify apps!
  • Pixel Perfect and Facebook Feed
  • Industry insight on best practices and trends
  • Ruby, Liquid and Javascript experience
  • Platform-independant hosting
  • Scoping, Developing and Supporting Apps
  • Integrations and Partnerships
  • Ultra fast Cloud-based delivery
  • Hosting and Cloud Computing

Shopify Store Experience:

  • We own our own successful stores!
  • 4 Years as Shopify Store Owners
  • Theme selection and Configuration
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Leading SEO experience – Check our Stores!
  • Facebook ads and Google Shopping Experience
  • App Selection and Configuration
  • Mailchimp / Klaviyo flows and lists

Commerce Experience

  • We own a Physical store running Shopify POS!
  • 30 years in IT and commerce
  • Consultancy for leading Shopify stores
  • Product Selection and Niche Identification
  • Stock control, fulfilment and store-sync
  • Conversation rate optimisation, online and real world
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Marketing and advertising strategies
  • Profit / loss and budgets / costing
  • Cashflow projections and finance

A comprehensive solution based on experience

Making a success of your business is an unforgiving and never ending task. From selecting the product to sell, the supplier and fulfilment chain, working out profit margins, a marketing and advertising strategy right through the technical delivery stage and into the support stage – of both the technical platform and the customers aftercare – it can consume your life!

Often a little knowledge and experience can make the journey far simpler. Wyred Up has a unique experience that spans every aspect of business. We understand that success is not obtained through the installation of an app, but through an in-depth understanding of every minute aspect of the whole process. We have lived through it ourselves and can bring this experience to your business, today, helping smooth the bumps out of the journey.

Technical excellence and commercial experience make us the best choice for your business!

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